Skin Concerns

We treat numerous skin concerns including acne, rosacea, scars and pigment irregularities. Call today to book a complementary consultation with our Medical Director, Dr. Narpinder Hans.

Mole removal

Moles, also known as nevi, are pigmented, usually brown or tan, lesions that occur on the skin. They generally start to appear in childhood and adolescence and can change in appearance overtime. Moles are quite common with most patients having at least a few on their body. Most are often benign but some can potentially lead to cancerous lesions. It is important to get an annual skin check to ensure no suspicious lesions are growing. Suspicious lesions should always be removed but for some patients, mole removal may be a cosmetic treatment option. Our physicians can provide both medically necessary and cosmetic mole removal options. Book a consultation to learn more.

Skin Tags

Skin tags, also known as acrochordons, are flesh colored non cancerous growths that can occur anywhere on the body but are commonly found around the neck and armpit area. Skin tags can become bothersome and in-flamed if irritated or catching on clothing/jewelry worn around the area. They can also be a cosmetic concern for some patients. Our physicians can quickly and safely remove unwanted skin tags with no downtime.

Wart Removal

Warts are benign growths on the skin that are caused by the Human Papillo-ma Virus. They can occur essentially anywhere on the body but tend to occur most commonly on the feet, hands and genital region. There are many treat-ment options available to patients for the removal of warts which all require time and repeated treatments to ensure complete removal of wart tissue. At MD Skin Cosmetic Clinic, we are able to provide patients with effective treatment options including liquid nitrogen therapy and laser treatments. Book a consultation with one of our physicians today to review our treatment options.